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galvanized steel pipe

galvanized steel pipe

galvanized steel pipes


Shape: round,square,rectangular,shaped
Surface: hot dip galvanizing or pre galvanizing
Wall Thickness(WT): 0.5-60mm or on demand customization
Length: 0.5-24M or on-demand cutting
Tolerance:±5% or According to customer standards
Common Specifications For Inventory: See daily stock chart for details
Outer Diameter: square10*10-1200*1200mm 
                             rectangular 10*15-800*1200mm
                             round 10.3-3620mm
Type: ERW/LSAW/SSAW/Seamless
Grade: Gr.A/B/C,S235/275/355/420/460,A36,SS400,Q195/235/355,STKR400/490,300W/350W
Delivery Time: 3-35 days
MOQ: 2-5 Tons
Payment Term: TT/LC
Brand: Yuantai Derun or OEM
Capacity: 5 million tons per year

Customized Process

-》1.Actual on-site measurement
Before customizing galvanized steel pipes, it is necessary to measure the actual application scenarios of the workpiece on site, such as outer diameter, wall thickness, length, shape, R angle, zinc content, etc. It is best to also consider the environmental factors of the actual application, such as whether it is a corrosive environment, salt spray environment, acidic gas environment, etc. There are also load-bearing performance, wear resistance, hardness, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature and high pressure resistance, and so on. The specific application scenarios for galvanized steel pipes vary. Specific identification is required. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately.
-》2.Send inquiry
Send the specifications and dimensions of the galvanized steel pipes that you want to customize to the customer manager of Yuantai Derun for application scenarios.
-》3.Detailed discussion
After the demand for galvanized steel pipes is sent to the customer manager of Yuantai Derun, we will confirm the requirements based on the specific needs of the customer, and then hand them over to the molding technicians responsible for production for review. Then, we will provide a rough and specific production cycle and risk assessment.
On the basis of raw materials and processing costs, combined with reasonable profits, the customer manager provides a price that satisfies the customer.
-》5.Sign a contract
After the price is determined, the customer needs to sign a contract with the customer manager of Yuantai Derun and remit the deposit.
-》6.Plan production
After the contract is signed, the order for galvanized steel pipes will enter the production scheduling stage. During the production process, the quality inspectors of Yuantai Derun will conduct strict quality inspections on the raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products produced. Including mechanical performance tests, yield, tensile, impact, chemical composition, metallography, flattening, hardness, and so on. Ensure that the quality of the product meets customer standards and requirements.
After the galvanized steel pipe passes the inspection, it needs to be sprayed with labels, bundled, coated with oil, and wrapped. Finally, load into the container. Then, after the customer sees the bill of lading and remote inspection of the product, they proceed with the remaining payment remittance process. Finally, the goods will be shipped to the port designated by the customer. After the customer's on-site inspection was confirmed to be correct, the customization process for the galvanized pipe order was completed.

Production Equipment And Output Specifications Of Galvanized Steel Pipe

The galvanized steel pipe production line of Tianjin Yuantai Derun Steel Pipe Manufacturing Group is equipped with 16 Hot-dip galvanization steel pipe production lines and 9 pre galvanized steel pipe production lines. The production bases are located in Tangshan and Tianjin. The dimensions of galvanized steel pipes that can be produced are as follows:
Outer diameter 10 * 10-1200 * 1200mm Wall thickness: 0.5-60mm Length 0.5-24M
Outer diameter 10 * 15-800 * 1200mm Wall thickness: 0.5-60mm Length 0.5-24M
Diameter 10.3-3000mm Wall thickness: 0.5-60mm Length 0.5-24M
Outer diameter 20 * 20-200 * 200mm Wall thickness 1.2-16mm Length 0.5-24M
Outer diameter 20 * 30-150 * 300mm Wall thickness: 1.2-16mm Length: 0.5-24M
Diameter 10.3-200mm Wall thickness: 0.5-16mm Length: 0.5-24M
No matter what size, thickness, or length you need, we can follow your needs for mass customization production.

1. Characteristics Of Galvanized Steel Pipes:

(1) High wear resistance: Galvanised steel pipes are highly resistant to abrasion and are able to withstand a variety of mechanically abrasive environments.
(2) High strength: The strength of galvanized steel pipes is higher than that of other metal building materials, for example, the load-bearing strength of aluminum pipes is much lower than that of galvanized steel pipes.
(3) Strong corrosion resistance: Hot dip galvanised steel pipe and pre-galvanised steel pipe are higher in corrosion resistance than ordinary black carbon steel pipe, the galvanised layer can well protect the surface of carbon steel from corrosion in the external environment, the life of the pipe is also greatly extended.Galvanised steel pipes are the best choice when it comes to salt spray environments at the seaside, acidic environments and alkaline environments in the chemical and manufacturing industries.

2. Precautions For Construction Of Galvanized Steel Pipes:

(1) When excavating the foundation pit, attention should be paid to the drainage of groundwater and rainwater; When the soil is sandy or plain fill, mechanical excavation method should be used; When the soil is sticky or powdery, manual excavation method should be used for construction.
(2) After the excavation of the foundation pit reaches the design elevation, slope support should be carried out in a timely manner.
(3) The cushion layer at the bottom of the trench must be cleared of loose materials and leveled and compacted before laying the pipeline foundation cushion layer. The thickness of the cushion layer is generally 100mm~150mm.
(4) The pipeline foundation shall be provided with Expansion joint or settlement joint to adapt to different soil conditions and temperature changes in different regions;
At the same time, in order to ensure the stability of the pipeline foundation and prevent uneven settlement of the foundation from generating additional stress on the pipeline, support points need to be set on both sides of the pipeline to fix the position of the pipeline and bear the load of the pipeline.
(5) The protective grounding of buried water supply pipelines can be reliably grounded by welding or flange connection; When grounding by welding, stainless steel corrugated hose should be used as a jumper wire to connect the ground wire.
(6) The contact between metal conduits laid underground and the surrounding soil should be sealed with rubber rings or sealed with epoxy resin adhesive.
(7) For places with vibration or impact, threaded water supply and drainage pipeline systems should not be used;
(8) For corrosive liquid media, it is not advisable to directly discharge them into water or add chemical agents to the water for treatment before discharge.
(9) Cable lines buried underground without special protective measures are strictly prohibited from crossing roads, railways, or other public facilities, as well as internal walls and floors of buildings;
(10) Cable lines buried underground with special protection requirements should be protected above ground level before passing through;
(11) When wires and cables pass through bridge holes, there should be anti eddy current protection devices to prevent eddy current damage to the insulation;
(12) Electrical equipment shall not be installed in humid and corrosive gas environment;
(13) The metal casing of electrical equipment must have reliable grounding or grounding, as well as protective grounding terminal boxes and other safety facilities for grounding protection.

3.Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Pipe VS Pre Galvanized Steel Pipe-How To Choose

Some customers do not know how to choose galvanized steel pipes when choosing them? We can use these aspects as the basis for selection in response to this issue.

3.1 Use Of The Environment

You must consider the use of galvanised steel pipe environment, life, such as ordinary environment, and steel life is not too demanding occasions, such as fences, fences, closed structures, not too exposed to the harsh environment of the humidity of the occasions, etc., you only need to use pre-galvanised steel pipe can be enough. If the application environment has corrosive, oxidative gases, such as seashore, chemical equipment, ship structures, building structures and other occasions where corrosion resistance and longevity are required, it is best to use hot dipped galvanised steel pipe.

3.2 Cost

After considering the usage scenario, cost is your second consideration. I am afraid that this factor is more important for every steel pipe user. It is also something that needs to be reasonably controlled in some projects. Usually, pre-galvanised steel pipes with a thin zinc layer will cost less. Hot dip galvanised steel pipe with a thick zinc layer will cost more. But all of these are based on the first element of the application environment, if it is an important construction project, then the hot dip galvanised steel pipe is undoubtedly much higher than the service life of pre-galvanised steel pipe, you if you choose the pre-galvanised steel pipe, although it reduces the cost, but the pre-galvanised steel pipe life is short, undoubtedly to the construction project has brought some maintenance costs.

3.3 Size

In addition to these two previous factors, size is also a factor in how you choose. Because the size range of pre-galvanised steel pipe is rather limited, generally the diameter of pre-galvanised steel pipe is less than 200mm. This determines some of the larger sizes, such as 250*250mm galvanised steel pipe is basically hot-dip galvanised steel pipe. Theoretically speaking, no matter how big the galvanised steel pipe is, as long as the zinc pool is big enough, it can be produced, and in YuanTaiDeRun we have a big enough galvanised pool. Customers can choose with confidence.
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