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  • Carbon Steel Pipe Basics You Should Know
    Carbon Steel Pipe Basics You Should KnowJan 29,2024
    In today's industrial world, carbon steel pipes play a crucial role in construction, petrochemicals, and power industries.
  • Can the strength of steel be superimposed?
    Can the strength of steel be superimposed?Jan 24,2024
    Can the strength of steel be superimposed?Recently, an engineer from a certain brand claimed that two pieces of 1500 megapascals of hot formed steel stacked together are equivalent to one piece of 3 kilopascals of hot formed steel, which has sparked heated discussions among netizens.
  • Steel Hardness-Basics You Should Know
    Steel Hardness-Basics You Should KnowJan 18,2024
    We will discuss the hardness of steel, common metal hardness, hardness testing methods, and more in this article. After reading it, you will have a more comprehensive understanding of the hardness of steel.
  • 26 Uses of Structural Steel Tubing
    26 Uses of Structural Steel TubingJan 17,2024
    Structural steel pipes are a major category of steel pipes, widely used in various fields. In the past 20 years, structural steel pipes have experienced rapid development both domestically and internationally.
  • How to cut steel pipe
    How to cut steel pipeJan 3,2024
    Steel pipes are widely used in construction sites, pipeline laying construction, home decoration, and DIY projects, and their processing operations are also commonplace. The first step in steel pipe processing is cutting. For some beginners, how to safely and quickly cut a long steel pipe into the desired length is an important skill that must be mastered.
  • Black steel pipes-12 things you should know
    Black steel pipes-12 things you should knowDec 25,2023
    Black steel pipe is a very common pipe product with a wide range of applications, but do you want to learn more about black steel pipes? Now let's take you to a deeper understanding of it.
  • Steel pipes:definition,process,properties,type and testing
    Steel pipes:definition,process,properties,type and testingDec 20,2023
    Steel pipes are a very commonly used metal building material, but many people still have a lot of knowledge about the types, characteristics, testing methods, production processes, and other aspects of steel pipes. Do you really have a comprehensive understanding of what steel pipes are? Today's article on steel pipes may give you some answers.
  • Why and how to replace galvanized pipes?
    Why and how to replace galvanized pipes?Dec 19,2023
    Due to the age of some old houses, aging and corrosion of galvanized steel pipes is a common problem. The following is a list of the most common questions we have received about galvanized pipes.
  • 11 Basic differences between pipe and tube
    11 Basic differences between pipe and tubeDec 18,2023
    Steel pipe is a common metal building material in people's production and life. We often use the words Pipe and Tube, and everyone also believes that they are the same. In fact, there are some key differences between the words pipe and tube.
  • Types of steel pipe for your business
    Types of steel pipe for your businessDec 14,2023
    Steel pipes are a common metal building material that can be seen everywhere in daily life. Do you know what types of steel pipes there are? Now let's take everyone to have a deeper understanding.
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