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The Quality of Steel Pipes is the Life of Yuantai

Yuantai Derun's square rectangular pipe and hot-dip galvanized steel pipe and other products carry out EN10210 and EN10219, ASTM A53, ASTM A 500, ASTM A501, ASTM A 106, ASTM A572, BS1387, AS1163, JIS STKR400 and JIS STKR490, GB/T700-2006, GB/T3091, GB/T3094, and GB/T6728-2002;

Double-sided submerged arc spiral steel pipe and LSAW steel pipe shall comply with GB / T9711-2011, API Spec 5L and API 5CT standards of China petroleum industry.

quality control

Product Testing

Professional Testing Equipment

Yuantai Derun attaches great importance to the quality of products, invests heavily in introducing advanced equipment and professionals, and goes all out to meet customers' needs at home and abroad.

Impact test

Impact test
Large impact testing equipment

Large impact testing equipment specifically designed for conducting steel pipe tests required for ship pipes, ApI pipes, etc.

Small impact testing equipment
Small impact testing equipment

Small impact testing equipment specifically designed for conducting steel pipe tests on ordinary materials steel pipes and other materials.

Tensile testing and yield testing

Large tensile testing equipment
Large tensile testing equipment

Tensile testing and yield testing were conducted on the same testing equipment.Large testing machines conduct steel pipe tests on thicker steel pipe raw materials

Small tensile testing equipment
Small tensile testing equipment

The small testing machine conducts steel pipe tests on relatively thin steel pipe raw materials, and the data will be more accurate.

Salt spray test

Salt spray corrosion test chamber

Salt spray testing is an accelerated corrosion resistance evaluation method for artificial atmospheres. It atomizes a certain concentration of saline water and then sprays it into a closed constant temperature box. The corrosion resistance of the tested sample is reflected by observing the changes after being placed in the box for a period of time. It is an accelerated testing method that takes a short time, not a few years, only a few days, or even a few hours.

Hardness test

Hardness test equipment
Hardness test equipment

Because hardness is an important indicator for testing the mechanical properties of metals, hardness testing has the following purposes:

1. Check the wear resistance of the metal. The higher the hardness, the higher the wear resistance of the metal;

2. Determine the strength of the steel. The higher the hardness, the higher the strength of the steel;

3. Inspect whether the performance of Machine element after processing meets the requirements. Generally, the hardness of parts shall be inspected after heat treatment.

Chemical composition test

chemical composition testing
Direct reading spectrometer

Chemical composition testing is also a very important indicator for the quality of steel pipes. The steel pipes of Yuantai Derun Steel Pipe Group are generally tested according to customer requirements.

Metallographic tester

Metallographic experiment

Metallographic tester

The role of metallographic analyzers in the detection of steel materials cannot be ignored. During their work in the metal material physics and chemistry laboratory, the main methods they use to test materials are as follows: in terms of physical properties, such as conductivity, magnetic conductivity, thermal conductivity, density, melting point, thermal expansion, and mechanical properties, we can use testing machines to conduct quantitative tests such as compressive strength and flexural strength, or chemical composition testing. In addition, a qualitative analysis of material composition can be carried out through a multi-element analyzer, and in addition, the microstructure of materials can be detected through optical microscope or Scanning electron microscope and other equipment.

Metallographic analysis plays a significant role in detecting materials, and it also plays a very important role. To establish a relationship between performance, we must thoroughly understand the metallographic organization space, which can be easily achieved through metallographic analysis. Some people may say that the data from metallographic analysis may not be so accurate. If you find the accuracy low, you can use a metallographic image analyzer to detect it. Of course, in general, we only need to use metal analysis directly. The metallographic image analyzer can detect and analyze various steel materials such as cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, and so on.

Content detection of raw and auxiliary materials and plating AIDS

Test raw metiral
The purpose of ingredient formula analysis and testing
  • Understanding the ingredients of raw materials and quality monitoring
  • Used for analyzing product formulas, which can be used to restore basic formulas
  • Search for evidence for product labels
  • Prove that the product does not contain a certain ingredient
  • Find the reason for the decline in product performance
  • Understand the content of ingredients to understand product performance
  • Solve problems that arise during the production process
  • Comparing products from different periods
  • Can identify the cause of unknown objects and eliminate hidden dangers
  • Used for product formula improvement and imitation of production
Hydrostatic test

Hydrostatic test

Hydrostatic test equipment

To ensure the strength of the pipeline, test for pipeline leakage. Steel pipes shall undergo hydraulic testing before use. The purpose of hydraulic test is to check the strength and tightness of the pipeline system. According to relevant national construction specifications, the standard hydraulic test should be as follows: the test pressure should be 1.5 times the working pressure of the pipeline system, but not less than 0.6Mpa (i.e. 6kg); The engineering supervisor should send personnel to participate in the entire process of the hydraulic test, and it is best for the client to be present as well.

Yield strength test

Yield strength test
The purpose of yield strength test

The tensile yield strength test usually involves the following steps: first, conduct an appearance inspection of the pipe to check whether the appearance surface of the pipe meets the standards; Secondly, check the density of the pipes and determine the material of the pipes Thirdly, adjust the testing machine, place the pipe sample in the testing machine for Tensile testing, and record the force strain curve; Finally, calculate the yield strength and tensile strength to obtain the mechanical properties of the pipe. The laboratory of Yuantai Derun Steel Pipe Group is equipped with two such testing machines. Ensure the quality of customers' steel pipe products is guaranteed.

In summary, the tensile yield strength test of pipes is an important indicator for judging the quality of pipes. It is a work test carried out based on the mechanical properties of pipes, which can accurately reflect the yield strength and tensile strength values of pipes, and thus determine the grading of mechanical properties of pipes.

Ultrasonic testing

Ultrasonic testing

Ultrasonic Testing is abbreviated as UT, also known as Ultrasonic testing. It uses ultrasonic technology for testing, and is one of the five conventional nondestructive testing methods.

Detect defects in steel pipes using ultrasonic detection instruments to determine the structure and internal quality of the pipe material.

The purpose of the ultrasonic testing system is to detect the welds of Submerged arc welding steel pipes and 25 mm base plates on both sides of the weld

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