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Raw Material Guarantee

The company's steel pipe manufacturing raw materials come from Shougang, Baosteel, HBIS, TPCO, Hengyang, and other large-scale well-known steel manufacturing enterprises in China.All raw materials have original furnace numbers and inspection reports, eliminating inferior steel pipe raw materials from the source. To make steel pipe buyers more confident.
Shou gang

Location of Shougang

Bao steel

Baosteel external view

Location of HBIS

New Tiangang external view

Quality Inspection and Identification

Steel Pipe Raw Material Identification

In addition to all raw materials from large factories, Yuantai Derun Steel Pipe Manufacturing Group also conducts our own testing of raw materials and records them on file. Steel pipe raw material identification refers to the quality inspection and identification of the raw materials used in the production or processing process to ensure that the raw materials used comply with relevant quality standards and requirements. The purpose of raw material identification is as follows:

1. Ensure product quality

The quality of raw materials such as steel coils and steel plates directly affects the quality of the final steel pipe product. If inferior or unqualified raw materials are used, it can lead to a decrease in the quality of the steel pipe product and even safety issues. By conducting raw material identification, quality issues in raw materials can be identified as early as possible, and measures can be taken in a timely manner to ensure product quality and safety.

Steel plate inspection

Steel plate inspection

2. Ensure production efficiency

The use of unstable quality raw materials can lead to low production efficiency, as additional inspection and processing of raw materials are required. By identifying raw materials, it can ensure stable quality of raw materials, reduce additional workload in the production process, and improve production efficiency.

Steel coil inspection

Steel coil inspection

3. Compliance with laws and regulations

Many industries and products have relevant quality standards and legal regulations, such as food, medicine, cosmetics, etc. By conducting raw material identification, it can be ensured that the raw materials used comply with relevant standards and legal and regulatory requirements, and illegal activities can be avoided.

steel round bar testing

4. Maintain corporate reputation

The reputation and brand image of a company are closely related to the quality of its products. By conducting raw material identification, the quality and safety of products can be ensured, consumer satisfaction and trust can be improved, and the reputation and brand image of the enterprise can be maintained.

galvanized steel pipe testing

Quality is our vitality

The identification of steel pipe raw materials by Yuantai Derun Steel Pipe Manufacturing Group is an important measure to ensure product quality and enterprise development. It can help enterprises improve product quality, improve production efficiency, comply with laws and regulations, and maintain corporate reputation to achieve better results.

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