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Shipping Guide

1.Transportation Method:

The main freight method of Yuantai Derun Steel Pipe Group is container sea transportation, and for some relatively close countries and regions, land transportation is also adopted. Some steel pipe samples can be transported by air freight or DHL express delivery.

2.Delivery Time

The estimated delivery period for steel pipes is roughly within the range.

To South Africa: 45 days
To the Middle East: 30 days
To South America: 45 days
To North America: 30 days
To Russia: 7 days
To Europe: 45 days
To Korea: 5 days
To Japan: 5 days
To Vietnam: 15 days
To Thailand: 15 days
To India: 30 days
To Indonesia: 15 days
To Singapore: 15 days

3.Packaging Form

Unless there is a special requirement, we will provide every customer with thorough consideration before the products are shipped.
Firstly, in order to minimise oxidation, we will apply oil or paint to our steel tube products.
Secondly, we wrap our products to prevent damage in between, whether it's a packaged or bulk customer.
Thirdly, we use our own fleet of vehicles for transport and track and inspect the goods throughout the journey to ensure that the products arrive accurately at the designated port.
Fourthly, we provide each customer with a customer specialist to deal with pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale issues.
In short, if you encounter any shipping issues, please give us feedback  in a timely manner!
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