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Spiral steel pipe

Spiral steel pipe

Spiral Steel Pipe

What's Spiral welded pipe?

Among numerous structural steel pipes, there is a type of steel pipe with a diameter of up to 3 meters. Do you know what type of steel pipe it is? Perhaps many people have guessed that it is our spiral welded steel pipe. Also known as spiral steel pipes.

Spiral steel pipe is a spiral seam steel pipe made from rolled steel strip as raw material, often formed by warm extrusion, and welded using an automatic double wire double-sided submerged arc welding process. The spiral steel pipe sends the strip steel into the welded pipe unit, which is gradually rolled up by multiple rolling rollers to form a circular pipe blank with an open gap. The reduction amount of the extrusion roller is adjusted to control the weld gap between 1-3mm and make the two ends of the welded joint flush.

How is a Spiral steel pipe Produce?

(1) Raw materials include steel coils, welding wires, and flux. Strict physical and chemical testing must be conducted before investment.
(2) The butt joint of the strip steel head and tail is carried out using single or double wire submerged arc welding, and automatic submerged arc welding repair welding is used after rolling into steel pipes.
(3) Before forming, the strip steel undergoes leveling, edge cutting, edge planning, surface cleaning, transportation, and pre bending treatment.
(4) The use of an electric contact pressure gauge to control the pressure of the hydraulic cylinders on both sides of the conveyor ensures the smooth transportation of the strip steel.
(5) Adopting external or internal control roller forming.
(6) The use of a weld gap control device ensures that the weld gap meets welding requirements, and the pipe diameter, misalignment, and weld gap are strictly controlled.
(7) Both internal and external welding are carried out using Lincoln electric welding machines from the United States for single or double wire submerged arc welding, in order to achieve stable welding quality.
(8) The completed welds have undergone online continuous ultrasonic automatic damage detection, ensuring 100% non-destructive testing coverage of spiral welds. If there are defects, automatic alarm and spray marking will be given, and production workers can adjust process parameters at any time to eliminate defects in a timely manner.
(9) Use an air plasma cutting machine to cut steel pipes into individual pieces.
(10) After cutting into a single steel pipe, each batch of steel pipes must undergo a strict first inspection system to check the mechanical properties, chemical composition, fusion status of the weld seam, surface quality of the steel pipe, and undergo non-destructive testing to ensure that the pipe manufacturing process is qualified before it can be officially put into production.
(11) The parts with continuous sound wave inspection marks on the weld seam undergo manual ultrasonic and X-ray re examination. If there are indeed defects, they are repaired and undergo non-destructive testing again until it is confirmed that the defects have been eliminated.
(12) The pipes where the butt weld seam of the strip steel and the T-joint intersect with the spiral weld seam are all inspected by X-ray television or photography.
(13) Each steel pipe undergoes a hydrostatic test, and the pressure is sealed radially. The test pressure and time are strictly controlled by the steel pipe water pressure microcomputer detection device. Test parameters are automatically printed and recorded.
(14) Mechanical processing of the pipe end ensures accurate control of the perpendicularity, groove angle, and blunt edges of the end face.

Specification table and weight per meter table for spiral welded steel pipes

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