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ship building steel pipe

ship building steel pipe

Shipbuilding Steel Pipe
Manufacturing of seamless steel pipes for marine boilers, superheaters, and Class I and II pressure piping systems

Shipbuilding steel pipes are one of the key elements used in the manufacturing of ships, so enterprises need to ensure that their quality meets international standards when purchasing.

This includes the physical and chemical properties, dimensional accuracy and applicable classification society certification of steel pipes.
Application of Marine Steel Pipe
Steel pipes for ships, are used in marine boilers and superheaters.
Shipbuilding steel pipe international standard
CCS specification of China Classification Society 360、410、440、490
Det Norske Veritas DNV Specification Carbon and Carbon Manganese Steel, Alloy Steel
Lloyd's Register LR Specification Carbon and Carbon Manganese Steel, Alloy Steel
GL Rules GL-R360, GL-R410, GL-R510
BV Code 410HB, 510HB
Korean Classification Society KR Specification RST138, RST142
American Bureau of Shipping ABS specifications ASTM A53 B/C, ASTM A106 B/C, ASTM A179, ASTM A192
Japan Classification Society NK Specification STPG410, STPG510

Since 2002, Yuantai Derun has obtained product standard certifications from various countries around the world, such as BV, DNV, ABS, etc
Common specifications
57mm, 60, 63.5, 70, 73, 89, 95, 108, 127, 133, 140, 159, 168-426mm, and other different sizes
Delivery time of shipbuilding steel pipe
The delivery time of ship pipes is generally longer than that of ordinary steel pipes. 15-90 days
Does it support customization?
Yes, Yuantai supports customization
Material of Shipbuilding steel pipe
20 45 Q345B、27simn、16mn、20G、15crmo
Production grade of Shipbuilding steel pipe
320, 360, 410, 460, 490, etc
Dimensional tolerances for shipbuilding steel pipes
Steel pipe type
Outer diameter (D)
steel pipe wall thickness (S)
Cold-drawn pipe
Outer diameter of steel pipe (mm)
Allowable deviation (mm)
Steel pipe wall thickness (mm)
Allowable deviation (mm)
hot-rolled pipe
Allowable deviation of outer diameter and wall thickness
Outer diameter D
hot-rolled pipe
Outer diameter size mm
≤ 159
> 159
Allowable deviation %
± 1.0
± 1.25
cold-drawn pipe
Outer diameter size mm
≤ 30
> 30~50
> 50
Allowable deviation %
± 0.20mm
± 0.30mm
± 0.8%
Wall thickness S
hot-rolled pipe
Wall thickness dimension mm
3 < S ≤ 20
S > 20
Allowable deviation %
± 10
cold-drawn pipe
Wall thickness dimension mm
> 3
Allowable deviation %
± 10
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