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zinc aluminium magnesium coating steel pipe

zinc aluminium magnesium coating steel pipe


Compared to traditional hot-dip galvanized square tubes, zinc aluminum magnesium square tubes have significantly improved corrosion resistance and self-healing performance, helping to extend the service life of the bracket. The advantages of zinc aluminum magnesium square tubes in photovoltaic brackets are very significant. Zinc-aluminium-magnesium steel tubing offers lighter weight with great corrosion resistance.
Zinc aluminum magnesium steel pipe

ZAM Steel Pipe Detail

Square ZAM pipe size:10*10*0.5mm-200*200*2.75mm
Rectangular ZAM pipe size:10*15*0.5mm-150*250*2.75mm
Round ZAM pipe size:φ10.3*0.5mm-200*3mm
Brand:Yuantai Derun or OEM
Length: 0.5-24M or Cut as your need
MOQ: 2-5 Tons
Payment Term: TT/LC
Surface Treatment:Zinc aluminum magnesium alloy coating
Delivery time: 2-35 days
Capacity: 1 million tons/year
Port of shipment: Tianjin Xin Port

Advantages of Zinc Aluminum Magnesium Products

What are the advantages of zinc magnesium aluminum plate products? Let me briefly tell you all!

1. Corrosion Resistance

The addition of alloy elements such as aluminum, magnesium, and silicon to the coating of zinc aluminum magnesium steel pipes greatly improves the corrosion inhibition effect, which is 10-20 times higher than that of hot-dip galvanized steel plates.

2. Self repair

The coating components around the cutting surface continuously dissolve, forming a dense protective film, mainly composed of zinc hydroxide, alkaline zinc chloride, and magnesium hydroxide. This protective film has low conductivity and can inhibit corrosion on the cutting surface.

3. Longevity

Due to its strong corrosion resistance and self-healing effect on the cutting surface, components made of zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and other materials have a very long service life, typically reaching over 30 years.

4. Easy To Process

Compared with galvanized sheet, the coating of zinc aluminum magnesium steel plate is denser, so it is not easy to produce coated glass during the stamping process. It has excellent performance during welding processes such as stretching, stamping, bending, and harsh conditions, and has good resistance to damage due to the high hardness of the coating.

5. Scratch Resistance Of The Coating

The planar corrosion of coated plates mostly occurs at scratches, and scratches are an inevitable phenomenon of coated plates. Especially during the processing, if the coated plate itself has good scratch resistance, it can greatly avoid scratches and improve its service life.

The scratch performance is represented by the load generated by the scratch. The measurement method is to move the sapphire test needle with a top radius of 0.05mm perpendicular to the test site for 20mm under loads ranging from 0.0196 to 0.196N (2-20gf). Afterwards, visually observe whether there are scratches on the test area, and use the smallest load among the scratches as the scratch resistant load.

After testing, ZAM board is the best, with a load of about 1.5 times that of galvanized -5% aluminum when generating scratches, and more than 3 times that of galvanized and aluminum zinc. This is because the hardness of its coating is relatively high, and the Vickers hardness values of the four coatings are shown below.

ZAM Coating:40Hv~160Hv
Hot Dip Coating of 55% Al Zn alloy: 100Hv~110Hv
Hot Dip Galvanized Zn-5% Al alloy: 80Hv~100Hv
Hot Dip Zn Plating: 55Hv~65Hv

6. Weldability

Compared to hot-rolled and cold-rolled plates, the welding performance of ZAM plate is slightly poor, but it can still be welded with reasonable processes and achieve the required strength, without affecting its use. 

7.Lighter Weight

Zinc-aluminium-magnesium steel tubes provide lighter weight, an advantage that is reflected in photovoltaic mounts, some of which are roof-mounted, reducing the load-bearing weight of the roof of the house.

8. ZAM's Competitiveness And Irreplaceability

The following situations are the only ones where zinc aluminum magnesium can be used, and other products cannot be replaced:

(1) In outdoor long-term use situations, such as high-speed guardrails, product specifications are required to be thick and the surface coating is thick. Previously, batch galvanizing had to be used. However, after the birth of zinc aluminum magnesium, continuous hot dip galvanizing of aluminum magnesium can be used. Such products include solar equipment brackets, bridge components, and so on;

(2) In situations where salt is needed on roads in Europe and other regions, if other coatings are used to produce car soleplates, they will quickly corrode and must be manufactured using zinc aluminum magnesium plates. Such cases include buildings such as seaside villas;

(3) Special occasions that require acid resistance, such as poultry houses and food troughs on farms, where poultry manure is acidic, must use zinc aluminum magnesium boards that are more resistant to acid washing and corrosion.

Common Materials For Zinc Aluminum Magnesium Steel Pipes:

S350GD ,S390GD,S420GD, S450GD,S550GD.

The Proportion Of Metal Elements In The Zinc Aluminum Magnesium Steel Pipe Coating:

ZMA coating square Steel pipe
ZMA square pipe
ZMA square pipe
ZMA rectangular pipe
ZMA round pipe
ZMA round pipe
53% aluminum, 43% zinc, 2% magnesium, 1.5% silicon, and other elements.

Zinc Aluminum Magnesium Coating VS Other Coating Types

Comprehensive data comparison:
1. The salt spray resistance test of the flat part is similar to that of aluminum zinc silicon plate, which is about 10-20 times that of galvanized plate and 5-8 times that of galvanized -5% aluminum alloy.
2. The salt spray resistance test of the cut section, bent processing part, and scratched part is better than that of aluminum zinc silicon plate, galvanized -5% aluminum plate, and galvanized plate.
3. The ammonia resistance is twice that of galvanized sheet and 10 times that of aluminum zinc silicon sheet.
4. Acid and alkaline resistance is similar to galvanized sheet, but better than aluminum zinc silicon sheet and galvanized -5% aluminum sheet.
5. When the coating is 90g/m2, the corrosion resistance is superior to the 560g/m2 coating obtained by hot dip plating after processing the workpiece.
Comparison of ZAM plate salt spray test: ZAM plate has the longest occurrence time of red rust compared to other common three coatings during salt spray test.

Salt Spray Test

The artificial simulated salt spray test includes neutral salt spray test, acetate spray test, copper salt accelerated acetate spray test, and alternating salt spray test.

Neutral salt spray test (NSS test) is an accelerated corrosion test method that has emerged and is currently widely used in various fields. It uses 5% sodium chloride saline solution, and the solution PH value is adjusted in the neutral range (6-7) as the solution for spray. The test temperature is set at 35 ℃, and the required settling rate of salt spray is 1-2ml/80cm ². Between h.

Neutral salt spray test for 24 hours in natural environment for 1 year

After 48 hours of neutral salt spray NSS (natural environment for 2 years) on the test sample:

Tangshan Yuantai Derun Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.'s new galvanized strip zinc aluminum magnesium square tube product has a surface rating of 8: defect area accounts for 0.15%~0.2%, appearance grade B (almost no darkening caused by coating corrosion), and there is slight discoloration on the surface of the sample;
General galvanized strip square pipe product surface rating: Grade 1: 35%~45% of defective area, appearance grade I (cracking), specimens show corrosion of base metal.
Through comparative tests, the new product of Tangshan Yuantai Derun Steel Pipe Co., Ltd., galvanized strip zinc aluminum magnesium square tube, has much better environmental corrosion resistance than ordinary galvanized strip square tube products.
Comparison of Salt Spray Experiment between Galvanized Strip Square Tube and Zinc Aluminum Magnesium Square Tube
Zinc aluminum magnesium has the ability to self repair the cut section of the coating. During use, the zinc aluminum magnesium material gradually forms a dense protective film (i.e. white rust) composed of zinc hydroxide, alkaline zinc chloride, and magnesium hydroxide near the cut or scratch location, which has good adhesion, high density, and low conductivity. It can effectively separate external corrosive media from the exposed metal substrate, thereby preventing further corrosion of the exposed cut, It has an inhibitory effect on corrosion in cut and scratch locations. At present, the cutting and surface neutral salt spray tests of zinc aluminum magnesium materials have reached 4440 hours without red rust.

Application of Zinc Aluminum Magnesium Steel Pipe

1.Construction industry

At present, in engineering projects, the floor bearing plate will directly contact with the concrete. The hardened concrete contains small gel like pores and large capillary holes, so water, air and other media may penetrate into the concrete. The water that accumulates in the concrete pores comes from soluble substances filtered out from the solid inside the cement, which is alkaline and has strong corrosion resistance throughout the entire application process. Therefore, zinc aluminum magnesium can be used in the construction industry. Currently, floor bearing plates in the construction industry are mainly galvanized with patterns.

2. Animal husbandry industry

With the vigorous development of the animal husbandry industry in recent years, the demand for breeding sheds is also increasing. At present, most enterprises use steel structure construction, and materials require high zinc layer hot dip galvanizing or aluminum zinc plating products in addition to infrastructure. The breeding environment in the animal husbandry industry is relatively unique, and there is a high demand for products. From previous applications, corrosion, paint peeling, bubbles, and other phenomena will occur soon. So zinc aluminum magnesium products have the characteristics of super corrosion resistance, self-healing, and easy processing, thus meeting the special needs of the livestock industry.

3. Photovoltaic bracket

The performance of zinc aluminum magnesium material is stable, and the material specifications and dimensions are easy to control, facilitating the standardization and mass production of photovoltaic brackets. Zinc aluminum magnesium materials have been used in the photovoltaic industry and have been recognized by many power companies due to their excellent surface quality, super corrosion resistance, stable performance, good environmental performance, and low-cost advantages. They have also brought good economic benefits to society.

Specification Table for Zinc Aluminum Magnesium Square Steel Pipe and ZMA round steel pipe

Factory Realistic View

Zinc aluminum magnesium steel coil
Raw Material Area-1
Zinc aluminum magnesium steel coil-2
Raw Material Area-2
Zinc aluminum magnesium steel coil-3
Raw Material Area-3

Production process of zinc aluminum magnesium steel tubes

Step 1. Uncoiling and shear butt welding of inspected zinc-aluminum-magnesium coated steel coils.
Step 2. Straightening
Step 3. Roll Forming
Step 4. High Frequency Welding
Step 5. Weld Burr Removal
Step 6. Sizing
Step 7. Cutting
Step 8. Testing
Step 9. Packing

Zinc Aluminum Magnesium Steel Coil Manufacturing Equipment

Yuantai Derun Steel Pipe Manufacturing Group has introduced a new and advanced zinc aluminum magnesium welded pipe production line, as well as self-developed process flow based on actual situations, to fill the market gap of local and surrounding pre galvanized, aluminum plated, galvanized aluminum magnesium and other new material welded pipes.
NO.8 cutting unit-Yuantai Derun Steel Pipe Group
NO.8 pickling unit-Yuantai Derun Steel Pipe Group
uncoiling unit-Yuantai Derun steel pipe Group
welding unit-Yuantai Derun Steel pipe Group
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