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rectangular steel pipe

rectangular steel pipe
rectangular steel pipe


Outerside Diameter:10*15-800*1200mm or customize
Length:0.5-24M or cut as your need
Tolerances:±5% or as requirement
Standard:ASTM A500/A501,EN10219/10210,JIS G3466,GB/T6728/3094 AS1163, CSA G40.20/G40.21
Brand:Yuantai Derun or OEM
Delivery Times: 2-35 days
Surface Treatment: bare,oiled,painted,galvanized,etc.
Wall Thickness:0.5-60mm or customize
MOQ:NO smallest order
Annual Capacity: 5 million tonnes
Spot Inventory: 200000 Tons
Sample: free within 20cm length
rectangular steel tubes-rectangular hollow section
In the case of the same material, the difference between square steel pipes and rectangular steel pipes is probably known as the difference in side lengths. A square steel pipe is a square section with equal sides, while a rectangular steel pipe is a rectangular section with unequal sides. So what are the advantages of Yuantai Derun's rectangular steel tubes?

1. Firmly Follow The "Customized" Market Route

Taking the "customized" route toward the market is a firm marketing strategy of Tianjin Yuantai Derun Group. For this reason, Tianjin Yuantai Derun Group continues to make efforts with the ultimate goal of "all rectangular tube products must be able to be produced by Yuantai". With a market orientation, it insists on investing more than 50 million yuan annually in the research and development of new equipment, new molds, and new processes. Currently, it has introduced intelligent tempering equipment, which can be used to produce outer arc rectangular square tubes for glass curtain wall engineering, as well as annealing stress relief or hot bending of square tubes, It greatly enriches the processing capacity and the range of products that can be produced and can meet customers' one-stop procurement requirements for square tubes.

2. Multiple Molds For Rectangular Tube Units, Complete Varieties And Specifications, And Fast Delivery Times For Conventional Non-Standard Orders

The market advantages of Tianjin Yuantai Derun Group include multiple molds for square tube units, complete varieties and specifications, and fast delivery times for conventional non-standard orders. The side length of square steel pipes ranges from 10mm to 1200mm, and the specification of rectangular steel pipes ranges from 10mm × 15mm to 800mm × 1200mm, the product wall thickness can be changed from 0.5mm to 60mm, and the length can be changed from 0.5m to 24m. The accuracy of sizing can be achieved in two decimal places. Product sizing increases the difficulty and management cost of our warehouse management, but users will no longer need to cut and weld the product, greatly reducing the processing cost and material waste of users. This is one of our market-oriented and customer-centric innovative practices, and we have adhered to it, And will definitely maintain it for a long time; Through the development of new equipment and the introduction of new processes, in addition to conventional square tubes, various non-standard, special-shaped, multilateral special-shaped, rectangular, and other structural steel pipes can also be produced; The new structural round pipe equipment adds large diameter, thick wall structural round pipe products Φ 20mm to Φ 1420mm structural circular pipe with a wall thickness of 3.75mm to 50mm; Maintain a full specification inventory of Q235 materials from 20 to 500 cubic meters, and provide a year-on-year inventory of Q235 materials. At the same time, provide a spot inventory of over 20000 tons of Q355 materials and a year-on-year inventory of Q355 materials, to meet the customer's order delivery capacity of small batches and urgent deadlines.

3. Unified, Open And Transparent Quotation For The Market

The spot price and order price on the service are publicly and transparently quoted to the market. The spot price is updated daily by the customer manager to learn the latest price. Order customers can obtain the tradable price through email and Whatsapp; On the order, users are provided with one-stop processing, distribution, and procurement services, including hot galvanizing processing services, product cutting, punching, painting, component welding, and other secondary processing services. Hot galvanizing can be customized according to customer requirements, with zinc layers up to 120 microns in thickness; Provide one-stop, one-ticket logistics and distribution services such as highway, railway, waterway transportation, and short-haul centralized transportation. You can issue transportation invoices or value-added tax invoices for freight at preferential prices. For square tube orders, users can achieve a one-stop unified purchasing and shipping service for steel materials such as profiles and welded pipes;

4. A Full Set Of Qualifications

The complete set of qualifications possessed by Tianjin Yuantai Derun Steel Pipe Manufacturing Group includes ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, OHSAS18001, EU CE, BV, DNV, JIS, ABS,CNAS,etc., which can assist dealers in issuing authorization and qualification filing, assist partners in directly participating in proxy bidding in the name of the group, and conduct differentiated bidding quotations to long-term cooperative customers based on determining the transaction to lock in profits.

5. Mild Carbon Steel Rectangular Steel Pipe Specifications(Not Include Non-Standard Size)

6. Project:

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