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Seamless steel pipe

Seamless steel pipe

What's Seamless Steel Pipe?

Seamless steel pipes, known as the "blood vessels" of industry, are important raw materials for national industrial and national defense construction. Seamless steel pipes can be divided into Seamless steel round tubing, square seamless tube, rectangular seamless steel pipes, special-shaped seamless steel pipes, etc. according to their shapes.
1.Seamless steel round tubing
Seamless steel round tubing is a popular choice for structural applications, as it provides strength and durability. The tubing is manufactured using extrusion, where the center of a heated solid steel bar is pierced with a die. There are two types of round seamless steel tubing produced using this method: Cold Drawn Seamless (CDS) and Hot Finished Seamless (HFS).

While both CDS and HFS steel tubes offer similar benefits, there are slight differences between the two. CDS mechanical tubing is created by hot rolling SAE 1018 carbon steel and then drawing it at room temperature. This results in a tube with high yield strength, close tolerances, and a smooth finish that is ideal for mechanical applications.

On the other hand, HFS mechanical tubing is produced using SEA 1026 carbon steel and does not involve the final step of drawing the tube at room temperature. This results in a tube that is easily machinable and ideal for applications where a close dimensional tolerance or smooth surface finish is not required.

At Yuantai Derun, we offer both Cold Drawn Seamless and Hot Finished Seamless mechanical steel tubing manufactured to ASTM A519 standards. Our tubing is available in a range of configurations and finished sizes up to 12-3/4".

Seamless steel tubing is used in a variety of mechanical applications. CDS round steel tubes are commonly used for hydraulic components, automotive parts, structural components, rollers, heavy equipment, and agricultural components. HFS round steel tubes are often used for hydraulic components, oil and gas components, rollers, drilling equipment, agricultural components, sleeves, bushings, spacers, and axles.

If you are interested in seamless steel tubing, contact us to learn more about our various options for round tubing or request a quote based on your specific requirements.
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