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Green is the characteristic

Green is the characteristic

Oct 18,2022
Green is the characteristic
As a private enterprise, the former Tianjin Yuantai Derun Group mainly produces low-end steel pipes, which are seriously homogeneous in the market and lack of competitiveness. With the support of Tianjin Real Gold and Silver for intelligent transformation and upgrading of enterprises, this enterprise is determined to carry out transformation and upgrading, eliminate backward and homogeneous products, produce high-quality products, build green plants, and add intelligent sewage treatment facilities, embarking on the road of green development. The annual income of the enterprise in 2021 has quadrupled compared with that in 2017. Facing the downward pressure of the industry, the enterprise has maintained a good momentum of development this year.
Green development-yuantai derun
Green development is the trend of the times and the aspiration of the people. From homogeneity to innovation, from low-end to high-end, Yuantaiderun's "transformation" benefits from Tianjin's determination and strength to promote green development, and is also a microcosm of the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry.
To guide enterprises to take the road of green and intelligent development in an all-round way is to open up a strong space for innovation and development. From the perspective of structure, the difficulty of unbalanced and insufficient economic development lies in the traditional manufacturing industry, and the breakthrough is also in the traditional manufacturing industry. Promoting the formation of a green development mode, injecting advanced green technology and management concepts into traditional industries, and establishing a modern manufacturing system with low consumption, high yield and green circulation can make it glow with new vitality and shape new features and advantages.
From green products, green factories to green industrial chains, green development is not only a way to make green, but also a systematic and comprehensive development concept and development mode change. "To integrate enterprise development with regional development and encourage green transformation of enterprises and industries, it is important to see what this enterprise, what this industrial chain drives, what it gathers and how it serves regional development. Tianjin focuses on building 12 industrial chains, integrating the concept of green development into the industrial chain and the economic chain. Chain development brings fusion effect and forms competitive products and advantageous industries. For enterprises, it means more words in the market Power, higher industrial added value; For the region, it means a new breakthrough in green high-quality development. " Shao Chaofeng, professor of the School of Environmental Science and Engineering of Nankai University, said.
Aiming at green and creating characteristics can not be separated from the support of innovation. Green transformation is not achieved overnight. It requires technology accumulation and innovation accumulation. From building materials steel sold in tons to hand torn steel sold in grams, from ordinary nails that make the environment "rusty" to high-strength nails that go to the high-end, behind the leap of enterprises is the synergy of innovative technologies, the completeness of innovation chains, and the optimization of innovation ecology. Let green enable development, which is a deeper and more lasting power. Once the "green code" is unlocked, the scene of high-quality development "green mountains are always here" will be more vivid and dazzling.

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