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  • CITIC Tower is a supertall skyscraper under construction in the Central Business District of Beijing, capital of China. It is known as China Zun (Chinese: 中国尊; pinyin: Zhōngguó Zūn). The 108-storey, 528 m (1,732 ft) building will be the tallest in the city, surpassing that of the China World Trade Center Tower III by 190 metres. On August 18, 2016, CITIC Tower surpassed China World Trade Center Tower III in height, becoming Beijing's tallest building. The tower structurally topped out on July 9, 2017, and fully topped out on August 18, 2017, the completion date is set to be in 2018.

    The nickname China Zun comes from the zun, an ancient Chinese wine vessel which inspired the building design, according to the developers, the CITIC Group. The groundbreaking ceremony of the building took place in Beijing on September 19, 2011 and the constructors expect to finish the project within five years. After completion, CITIC Tower will be Northern China's third tallest building after Goldin Finance 117 and Chow Tai Fook Binhai Center in Tianjin.

    Farrells produced the tower's land bid concept design, with Kohn Pedersen Fox assuming the project and completing a 14-month-long concept design process after the client had won the bid.

    China Zun Tower will be a mixed-use building, featuring 60 floors of office space, 20 floors of luxury apartments and 20 floors of hotel with 300 rooms,there will be a rooftop garden on the top floor at 524m high.

  • Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge is a bridge and tunnel project connecting Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Guangdong and Macao in China. It is located in the Lingdingyang sea area of the Pearl River Estuary in Guangdong Province, China. It is the south ring section of the ring expressway in the Pearl River Delta.

    The construction of Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge was started on December 15, 2009; The whole line of the main works will be completed on July 7, 2017; The acceptance of the main works shall be completed on February 6, 2018; It was put into operation at 9 a.m. on October 24 of the same year

    The Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge starts from the Hong Kong port artificial island near the Hong Kong International Airport in the East, crosses the Lingdingyang waters of the South China Sea in the west, connects Zhuhai and Macao artificial islands, and ends at Zhuhai Hongwan interchange; The total length of the bridge and tunnel is 55 kilometers, including 29.6 kilometers of the main bridge and 41.6 kilometers from Hong Kong port to Zhuhai Macao port; The bridge deck is a two-way six lane Expressway with a design speed of 100 km / h; The total investment of the project is 126.9 billion yuan

  • Beijing Capital International Airport (IATA: PEK, ICAO: ZBAA) is the main international airport serving Beijing. It is located 32 km (20 mi) northeast of Beijing's city center, in an enclave of Chaoyang District and the surroundings of that enclave in suburban Shunyi District.The airport is owned and operated by the Beijing Capital International Airport Company Limited, a state-controlled company. The airport's IATA Airport code, PEK, is based on the city's former romanized name, Peking.

    Beijing Capital International Airport is the main hub for Air China, the flag carrier of the People's Republic of China, which flies to around 120 destinations (excluding cargo) from Beijing. China Eastern Airlines, Hainan Airlines and China Southern Airlines also use the airport as their hub.

    Beijing Capital added Terminal 3 in 2008 in time for the 2008 Summer Olympics, the second largest airport terminal in the world after Dubai International Airport's Terminal 3, and the sixth largest building in the world by area. Beijing Capital International Airport covers 1480 hectares of land.

    Beijing Capital has rapidly ascended in rankings of the world's busiest airports in the past decade. It had become the busiest airport in Asia in terms of passenger traffic and total traffic movements by 2009. It has been the world's second busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic since 2010. The airport registered 557,167 aircraft movements (take-offs and landings), ranking 6th in the world in 2012.In terms of cargo traffic, Beijing airport has also witnessed rapid growth. By 2012, the airport had become the 13th busiest airport in the world by cargo traffic, registering 1,787,027 tons.

  • Beijing National Stadium, officially the National Stadium (Chinese: National Stadium; pinyin: Guójiā Tǐyùchǎng; literally: "State Stadium"), also known as the Bird's Nest (Bird's Nest; Niǎocháo), is a stadium in Beijing. The stadium (BNS) Was jointly designed by architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron of Herzog & de Meuron, project architect Stefan Marbach, artist Ai Weiwei, and CADG which was led by chief architect Li Xinggang. The stadium was designed for use throughout the 2008 Summer Olympics and Paralympics And will be used again in the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics. The Bird's Nest sometimes has some extra temporary large screens installed at the stands of the stadium.

  • China National Grand Theatre is one of the new "Sixteen sights of Beijing". It is located in the west of Tiananmen Square and the west of the Great Hall of the people in the center of Beijing. It is composed of the main building, underwater corridors on the north and south sides, underground parking lots, artificial lakes and green spaces.

    The Chinese National Grand Theatre is designed by French architect Paul Andrew. The appearance of the National Grand Theatre is semi ellipsoid. The length of the long axis in the east-west direction is 212.20 meters, the length of the short axis in the north-south direction is 143.64 meters, the height of the building is 46.285 meters, covering an area of 118900 square meters, with a total construction area of about 165000 square meters, including 105000 square meters of the main building, The underground ancillary facilities are 60000 square meters, with a total cost of 3.067 billion yuan.

    China's National Grand Theatre was designated as one of the top ten buildings for the tenth anniversary of the National Day in 1958; Won the "Luban Award" on December 19, 2008; On October 28, 2009, it was selected as "one hundred classic and boutique projects" for the 60th anniversary of the founding of new China

  • Kuwait International Airport can now handle 6 million passengers a year. The second passenger terminal building will be completed by the end of 2010. It is now rated as a three-star airport by Skytrax.

    Kuwait International Airport (Arabic: مطار الكويت الدولي) It is located in Farwaniya, Kuwait, 10 kilometers south of Kuwait City. This airport is the hub airport of Kuwait airlines. Part of the airport is Mubarak air force base, including the headquarters of Kuwait air force and Kuwait Air Force Museum.

    From 1999 to 2001, the airport underwent large-scale renovation and expansion projects, including parking lot, terminal building, new boarding building, new entrance, a multi-storey parking lot, and an airport mall. There are many famous shops in the airport Mall: JanSport, Debenhams, virgin megastores, and some restaurants: Pizza Express, Starbucks, fuddruckers, KFC, etc.

  • Singapore is very famous for its urban greening. The green in reinforced concrete is a unique scenic spot in this country, as is Google's Singapore headquarters. Google Singapore is headquartered in mapletree in the south of Singapore. There are two symmetrical buildings in a lush area, one of which is "Google Singapore".

    This may be the happiest place for Google employees. No matter which floor you work on, there are delicious food.

    This is the feeling of being in the University. Like this, people can communicate freely anywhere without having to go to the conference room (there is no room called conference room in Google's headquarters), just like a free university campus. But in this free environment, everything is so regular.

  • The United Arab Emirates 2020 Dubai World Expo (Expo Dubai 2020), referred to as "Dubai World Expo", takes "communicating ideas and creating the future" as the theme.

    On September 26, 2019, the mascot of this world expo will be released: it is composed of six cartoon images, including a UAE tree, a bean tree, a man and a woman, two UAE children, and three robots.

    The 2020 Dubai World Expo, originally scheduled to be held in Dubai from October 20, 2020 to April 10, 2021, was postponed to October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022.

  • Egypt's new administrative capital central business district project, referred to as "Egypt's new capital CBD project", is located 45 kilometers east of Greater Cairo and the core area of phase I of Egypt's new administrative capital project. It is a large-scale housing construction project undertaken by Chinese enterprises in Cairo, Egypt.

    The owner of the project is the new urban community administration under the Ministry of housing of Egypt, and the contractor is CSCEC.

    During the Beijing summit of the China Africa Cooperation Forum in 2018, under the testimony of Egyptian President Cecil, the Chinese construction signed the two phase general contract of the new capital central business district of the Egyptian capital with the New Town Development Bureau of the Ministry of housing of Egypt, with a contract value of US $3 billion 500 million. Phase II project consists of more than 20 high-rise and multi-storey buildings, with a total construction area of about 1.8 million square meters

  • Hong Kong International Airport (IATA: HKG, ICAO: VHHH), located at Chek Lap Kok, Lantau, New Territories, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the people's Republic of China, 34 kilometers away from the urban area of Hong Kong, is a 4f class international civil airport. It is one of the busiest airports in the world. More than 100 airlines operate here, ranking fifth in the world in terms of passenger volume, The freight volume ranks first in the world for 18 consecutive years

    The Hong Kong International Airport was officially opened to navigation on July 6, 1998 and was named Hong Kong International Airport; Phase II expansion project (T2 terminal) was completed in February 2007

    According to the information on the airport's official website in June 2019, the terminal area of Hong Kong International Airport is 850000 square meters (including T1, T2, satellite hall and Haitian passenger terminal); There are two runways with a length of 3800m; 182 stands; There are more than 220 navigable cities.

  • Al janoub means south in Arabic. This venue is located in the southern city of Al wakrah in Qatar.

    Waukla is one of the oldest residential areas in Qatar and has long been the center of Pearl mining and fishing. The traditional sloop used in these activities has brought inspiration to the design of ganuba stadium. The shape of the stadium comes from the ripple of the sailing boat across the sea.

    The roof of the stadium is designed as an abstract, inverted sloop hull.

  • Qinghai ten million kilowatt national UHV power new energy base project

    With blue sky and vast fields, the beautiful santala in Gonghe County, Hainan, Qinghai is building a ten million kilowatt new energy base in Hainan. Tara is a Mongolian transliterated Chinese word, which means endless desolate grassland. The 2.2 million kilowatt photovoltaic project built by the state power investment Yellow River Hydropower new energy construction branch is located in santala at a higher altitude, The project includes the construction of three 330kV booster stations and 44.7km 35kV collector line.

    One belt, one road, was built in October 2019. After strict bidding procedures and on-site assessment, the Tianjin source group became the sole supplier of main steel pipe piles and 135 thousand tons and 965 thousand structural steel pipes in October 2019. This is the source of the "Tak" group in the south of the province, and the "million dollar land improvement project" in 2017. ——It is another big contract since the exclusive supply service order for 70000 ton structural steel pipe for the construction of the world's largest agricultural planting greenhouse base, and it is also the largest single order contract in the past 20 years since the establishment of the group.

  • National Swimming Center, also known as "Water Cube" and "ice cube" [4], is located in Beijing Olympic Park, Chaoyang District, Beijing. It was built on December 24, 2003. The main building is close to the central axis of the city and opposite to the National Stadium.

    The National Aquatics Center is a building about water. The microscopic structure of water under the bubble form is amplified by mathematical theory, and it has been amplified into the organic space grid structure of the building.

    The National Swimming Center is a landmark building in Beijing and one of the main swimming pools and landmark buildings of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. One of the competition venues in Beijing for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.

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