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Steel Pipe Threading

Steel pipe threading

What Is Steel Pipe Threading?

Steel pipe threading is processed and customized according to size requirements. The steel pipe threading is installed and clamped onto the workpiece, and the thread pitch is adjusted according to the thread pitch required for processing. Combined with the thread pitch table on the lathe headstock, the change wheel and speed are adjusted. The steel pipe threading starts the spindle, and the thread cutter lightly touches the surface of the thread to be processed. It is moved away, and the feed rate of the middle drag is 1mm. Press the opening and closing nuts, Start threading (note that when in place, shake out the middle mop in a timely manner, and at the same time, reverse the spindle to exit. Adjust the feed rate according to the pitch size. The muscle knife feed should be small (0.1mm --0.2mm) to control the size. For those with a pitch of less than 5, the straight feed method is generally used, while for those with a pitch of more than 6, the left and right feed method is used (and small feed should be used on both sides of the precision threading to achieve smooth transition)
The main forms of steel pipe threading include: single head outer thread, single head inner thread, double head outer thread, double head outer thread, pipe inner thread, pipe outer thread, pipe inner full thread, pipe outer full thread, extended single head outer thread, extended double head outer thread, extended inner thread, extended double head inner thread, and so on. The length of the outer thread of the pipe can be customized according to customer requirements, forming non-standard inner thread of the pipe, non-standard outer thread of the pipe, and so on.
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