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Pickling Process

What Is The Pickling Process?

The pickling process is a special surface treatment process that places raw materials in a liquid containing strong acids to undergo chemical reactions, achieving surface degreasing, polishing, corrosion resistance, and other effects. The pickling process mainly consists of six parts: cleaning, pickling, temperature regulation, washing, surface treatment, and drying. Yuantai Derun Group introduced a new pickling equipment unit in 2023.
Yuantai Derun Group introduced a new pickling equipment unit

1. Cleaning Process:

Firstly, the raw materials are placed in the cleaning machine, and the pollutants and colloidal substances on the surface of the raw materials are removed through the internal hydraulic action of the cleaning machine, in preparation for the next processing step.

2. Pickling Process:

Place the cleaned raw materials into the pickling tank and thoroughly remove dirt, oil, oxide skin, corrosion, etc. from the surface of the raw materials through the action of strong acid, in order to improve the surface quality.
Yuantai Derun Group introduced a new pickling equipment unit

3. Temperature Adjustment Process:

According to the properties of different raw materials, adjust the temperature during the pickling process to ensure that no deformation, cracking, etc. will occur during the pickling process of raw materials, so as to achieve the best effect in the next step of processing.

4. Washing Process:

 Put the pickled raw materials into the washing tank, use washing solution, and thoroughly remove the acid left in the pickling tank to avoid damage to the surface of the raw materials during surface treatment.

5. Surface Treatment Process:

Put the washed raw materials into the surface treatment tank, and use polishing, degreasing, corrosion resistance and other treatments according to the properties of different raw materials to achieve the desired surface effect.
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