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A Remarkable Growth Journey

Small Business to Chinese Manufacturing Champion

In the first quarter of 2023, the development momentum of the private economy in this city was good, with the industrial added value of private enterprises above designated size increasing by 7.3%, which is 4.2 percentage points faster than the city's industrial scale above designated size. Yuantai Derun Steel Pipe Manufacturing Group, located in Daqiuzhuang Village, Jinghai District, has been deeply engaged in the square tube industry for 20 years with tenacity and pioneering spirit, achieving the first market share at home and abroad, and was recently awarded the national single champion of manufacturing industry, becoming an outstanding representative of the city's private economy.
Manufacturing single champion

Early Stage

Defining Product Positioning and Development Direction

In the production workshop of Yuantai Derun Group, a huge steel coil is processed into a square or rectangular square tube in cross section through multiple processes. Compared with the common round tube, what are the characteristics of square tube? What kind of scenarios are they used in? Sales Manager Qu Ming first did a popular science:“Square tubes are mainly used in building structures and mechanical structures. Building structure refers to the steel structure of the main support, and glass curtain wall, mechanical structure is a car chassis or farming machines. It is easy to weld, round tube docking is not good docking, because the square tube is 4 planes, how to weld can be welded.”
Liu Kaisong

Deputy General Manager Liu Kaisong

Yuantai Derun was established in 2002, when the square tube is mainly used in the field of agricultural machinery, although the market channel is slightly single, but the deputy general manager Liu Kaisong said: "Do it as determined,and try your hard to do it well.".

After the establishment of the company, while producing square tubes, expanding agricultural machinery customers, and soon earned the first bucket of gold. Yuantai Derun steady and steady, the funds for process upgrading, and constantly enrich the product specifications. By 2005, China accelerated infrastructure construction, the rapid expansion of square tube applications, the company seized the rare market opportunities to achieve rapid development.

However, development has not been plain sailing. Especially during the epidemic, the market was hit, every investment should be careful, once the investment fails, will make the enterprise carry a heavy burden. Liu Kaisong remembers, the early epidemic, they went through market research, judging the large diameter square tube is the future market development trend. But at that time, only one domestic enterprise can provide large diameter square tube production equipment, not only high prices, and low degree of automation, to buy? Liu Kaisong said:

Opportunities and Challenges

Guiding the Company to New Heights

30 million -40 million a production line you put in, the market is not paved, very risky! But private enterprise is like this, see a road, go. Our chairman, Mr Gao Shucheng personally go to the production equipment plant, stationed at the plant to jointly develop the 500×500mm square tube unit to build out.

After introducing the unit, the company has been actively looking for downstream customers. The city's industry and information department and relevant national policies also help enterprises to open up the application market for the new equipment. For example, the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology for the source of Yuantai Derun docking photovoltaic market; China's "One Belt, One Road" construction is to provide a wide range of overseas markets, the new unit put into use not long ago, the company won the Egyptian million Feidan land improvement projects, providing customers with 70,000 tonnes of galvanised square tubes. Liu Kaisong said:

This project is the intelligent agriculture, also is the square tube at present in terms of the order is relatively large one, also can reflect our square tube capacity supply ability, 70,000 tonnes of our capacity at that time 2~3 months to achieve the production. (From that time onwards, we have also opened the channels in this aspect of intelligent agriculture.)

Now, the company's square tube products are widely used in airports, high-speed guardrail, automotive shipbuilding, assembly steel structure building and other fields, the domestic market share of 20%, that is to say, every five square tubes there is one from the Yuantai Derun.

Strict Process Control

Tianjin Bosi Testing Center Established

In order to ensure product quality, the company set up a special testing centre in Tianjin BOSI, strict control of each process, said Huang Yalian, general manager of BOSI:Huang Yalian, Director of R&D, said, "For the analysis of steel plate raw materials, does the element content meet this requirement? Each model and material has its own standards, and we need to test each batch of raw materials according to the standards to ensure that there are no problems
Huang Yalian

Head of R&D Mr Huang Yalian

New Development Direction

Define Company's Technological Innovation Path Ahead

Looking at the domestic square pipe production enterprises, the Yuantai Derun is the only company only do square pipe. 2022, Yuantai Derun completed capacity of 4.5 million tonnes, sales revenue of about 25 billion yuan, the first quarter of this year, the company's production and sales are to achieve the opening of the door, and at the same time, is located in the Tangshan production base will also be put into use, the total annual production capacity will be achieved 10 million tonnes. Vice General Manager Liu Kaisong said that they will continue to take root in market segments and launch more and better products:

For example, we are researching D shaped pipe, one side is straight, one side is curved, and there are also fluted pipes, actively cooperating with the downstream, as far as possible to support the research and development. We have been focusing on the field of square pipe for 20 years, and the next step is to improve the market competitiveness of our products and achieve high-quality development of our enterprise through technological innovation, product innovation and market innovation.

Explore Global Markets

Deliver Quality Products Worldwide

In order to cope with global economic integration, we are also continuously developing international markets and applying our rectangular tube products to a wider range of projects. Paul Zhao, the manager of the foreign trade department, said this.Until now, Yuantai Derun's steel pipe products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions in the world, participated in more than 6000 times of domestic and foreign major projects, and won the praise of customers.
Paul Zhao

Foreign Trade Manager Paul Zhao

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